Case Studies

    • Hear from some of our clients about their experience with our Laser technology.

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    • Dr Alex Davies

      Admire Dentistry, Arana Hills, QLD

    • [MLS® Laser is] such a positive experience for [patients] that they become very trusting and really appreciate that we’ve, you know, brought that technology into the practice to make their treatment a lot better.

      You can really incorporate it into your general day-to-day. We do it a lot with longer appointments: post-op pain after tooth extractions, root canal therapy and all those sorts of things.

      I think it’s a must… You can really incorporate it into your practice, and I think if you’re a practice that really wants to go that extra mile and really enhance that patient care and really take care of them during their treatments. It really is just a nice integrated approach to have. So yeah, I couldn’t do without it now.

    • Dr. Ed Lipskis

      The Centre For Integrative Orthodontics; Chicago IL

    • MLS laser works. It reduces inflammation, decreases treatment time, makes treatment more effective and helps your patients heal better.

      “I do a lot of lecturing and people who come to us are trying to learn these things from almost zero-base knowledge. One question we get a lot is “What’s your priority in what you would get from an equipment standpoint?” Our answers every single time is the MLS laser.

      “Because therapeutically it makes the most difference, it makes treatments go better, it makes patients feel better. It really allows us to treat them more effectively, all the other things are nice adjuncts and they give you imaging, all the stuff like that. But from really getting the patients better, the MLS laser does more for us than any other piece of technology we have.

    • Dr. Darryl Moses

      Align Dental, Sydney NSW.

    • We use the MLS® laser in our surgery for a multitude of applications. We use it for our craniofacial pain patients, we use it for patients post-surgery, and we use it quite extensively in orthodontic treatment. . . . it’s been shown in clinical studies to accelerate tooth movement by up to 30%.

      So we use it extensively every day in our practice for a multitude of applications.

      This is a device with enormous amounts of clinical research to support its use, and as a wet-fingered hands-on practitioner, it’s a crucial part of what I use in my practice every day in the treatment of patients.”

    • Dr Manish Shah

      Smile Concepts, Sydney, New South Wales

    • “I got the MLS® laser about a year ago. . . . the new research showed that the MLS® laser was far superior than the lasers we were using because of its ability to heal and treat specific pathologies, and I’m very, very happy with it.

      The most common thing I use it for is craniofacial pain. You place the laser on the trigger points and it releases a trigger point, or decreases the swelling or inflammation in that area.

      I also use it for a lot of general dental work, such as gum disease, for wisdom teeth extractions, root canal treatments. I use it for practically everything.

      This is the best thing you’ll ever invest in, . . .  I would highly recommend it- it’s a standard thing you should have, just like the drill you have.”

    • Dr Wally Hassoun 

      Optimal Caring Dentistry, Toorak, Victoria

    • “The MLS® laser is the backbone of my TMJ practice. I can’t do any therapy without it. We used to give a lot of injections and a lot of palpations, to get minor results. Now, with the MLS® laser, I’m getting amazing results in a fraction of the time that are holding much longer. We make appliances, we make orthotics, but those things alone make the healing very, very slow. We need something to get things moving quickly, and that’s where the MLS® laser comes in.

      If you’re serious about treating orofacial pain, it’s a must. You’ve got to have an MLS® laser. I can’t imagine practising without it. I’ve had other lasers, and this one by far and away is the best laser on the market. It’s the one that’s given me the best results.”

    • Dr Louis Chan 

      My Dental Care, Meadowbank, New South Wales

    • “The MLS® laser is a two-wavelength laser. It helps decrease pain and inflammation on the area that we apply the laser. We use it every day. It’s our workhorse. I can’t see patients without it.

      And the MLS® Laser is a very good practice-builder. You can use it for cold sores, for orthodontics, for pain, especially, when dentists bring in patients for jaw joint pain, and neck pain. There’s no other laser that can give that kind of result.”

    • Dr Paul Dixon 

      Dixon Dental, Gympie, Queensland

    • “We have found people who have been in chronic pain for a long time, and taking medications and pain relievers for a long time, find the laser quite amazing — they can have a better night’s sleep and have less pain from something which is so simple and so non-invasive.

      We use our laser as part of an overall process of treating the condition. We have tremendous success in reducing headache pain, getting better sleep and a better feeling of well-being.

      Using the laser means you can improve people’s outcomes and you can do it more effectively, so it seems a really important tool to use in a dental practice.”

    • Dr Rohan Wijey

      The 32 Dental Studio, Southport, QLD

    • I’m a real cynic. With anyone who’s a dentist, when you apply an instrument to tissue you want to see something being drilled, you want to see blood being produced, you want to at least see some form of redness when you take an instrument to tissue.

      But when I was told by you that patients don’t feel any pain, they don’t see any redness, I thought it was complete voodoo. I thought this must be a gimmick, but what was surprising to me is that the laser actually works.

      You apply the laser to a trigger point and what’s amazing is that within literally 90 seconds, you can deactivate the trigger point. That instils a profound confidence in whatever treatment you’re doing. If you can get patients out of the pain within seconds, when their primary complaint is pain, whether you like it or not you’ve got a patient for life.”

    • Dr Anne Maree Cole

      James Street Dentists, Fortitude Valley, Queensland

    • This laser helps to bring everything that the body needs to heal it. The body is very capable of healing itself so long as we provide the environment in which to do so, and the MLS® laser is really helping us very, very well to achieve that. So I’ve been extremely happy with it.

      The patients love it. Patient acceptance is great because it’s so non-invasive and they can immediately feel a reduction in their tension and it’s that tension that brings on the pain.”

    • Dr Graham Hawkins

      Inform Dental, Penrith, NSW

    • “With orthodontics, we noticed a significant increase in the speed of movement of teeth and reduction in pain. With our TMD patients, it’s reduced my need to do trigger point injections. Because it’s reducing the inflammation from the joints, it gives an immediate reduction in pain for the patient, and depending on how often they come back for that treatment, it can sometimes resolve the pain completely.”

    • Dr Stuart Watkins

      Watkins Dental and Orthodontics, Inverell, NSW

    • “In the last few months, we’ve been using it more and more on our orthodontic patients and it certainly makes things more comfortable. … the teeth are moving faster.

      Some of the treatments we do we correct quite large gaps …some patients coming in quite regularly, even every week. And others, we just do when they come to their normal appointments.

      We also use it with our pain patients, and it’s made a huge difference when we use the laser and that effect lasts …with the pain patients because you get instant improvement. They’ll come in pain, they’ll leave, and they’ll be feeling a lot better.”