Dr Manish Shah

    • Dr Manish Shah talks about how MLS® Laser changed his practice

    • Okay, so I got the MLS® laser about a year ago. And the reason I got it was, I used to use another laser for the three years prior, and the new research showed that the MLS® laser was far superior than the lasers we were using because of its ability to heal and treat specific pathologies, and I’m very, very happy with it.

      So, it has been shown that with the kind of wavelengths that it uses, it uses two different wavelengths. It actually speeds up the healing process, speeds up the anti-inflammation process, and decreases swelling. My patients literally love it when I use it on them after a particular procedure.
      So, the most common things I treat it for is craniofacial pain. People with muscle pain, trigger points, whereby you place the laser on the trigger points –it releases a trigger point, or decreases the swelling or inflammation in that area.

      But I also use it for a lot of general dental work, such as gum disease. So if somebody’s got gum disease, there’s inflammation going on, so there’s bone destruction going on, so by applying the laser after proper parallel treatment, the healing is much faster.

      Also, for wisdom teeth extractions, when you take wisdom teeth out, you apply the laser with the tiny head on it, and the healing will be faster. So patients actually come back saying they never had any pain with the procedure.

      Root canal treatments, after you do root canal treatments. So, you finish the root canal treatment and that area that has got the inflammation in the socket and you put the laser on the inflammation, and over a period of time the healing is better. So, I use it for practically everything.

      I’ve had patients who have been treated on the jaw joints and neck pain, and they’ve come in in pain, and literally after two-minute session of the laser, their pain is reduced or almost gone. Now of course, they must be treated over a period of weeks, but just the first session in itself and they have got an amazing result.

      So, I’ve had patients who literally have come in with arthritis of the knee and arthritis of the hand, and they’ve just come in three times a week for six weeks. I can treat this because I am also a medical doctor. One patient was a cyclist, and he couldn’t cycle anymore because of arthritis of the knee, and six weeks later he was cycling away. No pain, the pain had reduced by 95%, according to him, both in his thumb and his knee. So, I use it for all-body. I use it where patients need it.

      Well, strictly speaking, a laser is a laser. So, it’s not going to harm anybody. So if your patient is coming for any treatment, and they’ve got problems– nothing can go wrong with the laser. It is not dangerous, you make sure you’ve got protective glasses on, your patients will thank you for life because you’re treating them for something that they’ve been going to doctors for a long time, and they’ve been on pills and pain medication. So, helping them with the laser will improve their ability to heal, they’ll improve their function, and guess what, they are not going to get this from anybody else, so why not use your machine?

      It is very, very easy to use, the good thing about the MLS® laser is you’ve got pictures on the screen. So you just select the area you want to go to, click on that area, and it’ll tell you exactly how much laser radiation to put in, what time frame, what, you know, settings you’ve got to be, and you just use it.
      This is a no-brainer. This is the best thing you’ll ever invest in, not just for your patients, but guess what? You can use it on your family and friends.

      Money is not the issue, you’ve got to look after your health, and these are machines that are invented, proven, and there’s so much research now, so much research that it’s like a normal thing to have. I would highly recommend you to buy it, it’s a standard thing you should have, just like a drill you have for your cutting teeth, for filling fillings.