• MLS® Dental Laser Therapy

      For Dental Professionals: High powered therapeutic MLS laser therapy device for treating pain, inflammation, gum disease, oedema and soft tissue procedures to enhance your dental treatments.

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      High power Class IV laser dentistry delivers shorter treatment times, reduced number of treatments and faster recovery. The non-invasive laser light energy saves the dentist time.

      In orthodontic procedures, the MLS laser treatment can reduce the pain experienced during tooth movements and also increase the speed of tooth movement.


      Produces simultaneous action on pain, inflammation and oedema through 905nm pulsed emissions synchronised with 808nm continuous emissions.

      Two wavelengths synergistically combine for greater results in most dental treatments.


      Equipped with an innovative backlit graphic touch-screen display that interacts with the operator in a simple, easy to use, intuitive manner.
      Find out everything you need to know about the world’s only range of dedicated therapeutic dental lasers.

    • Find out everything you need to know about the world’s only range of dedicated therapeutic dental lasers.

    • MLS® Laser Therapy
      Mphi D

      Portable therapeutic laser for dental treatment with ergonomic handpiece 2cm diameter target area using high power multi wave locked system MLS® laser therapy system.

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    • MLS® Laser Therapy
      Mphi D5

      Mphi D unit has several advantages including addition of multidiode laser with 5cm diameter target area on pantographic arm and transport trolley. MLS non-invasive laser technology is effective in accelerating tooth movement and reducing pain levels related to orthodontic tooth treatments.

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    • The Mphi Dental range includes high powered dual-wavelength Class IV lasers. They are designed specifically to give the dentists fast and effective treatment for orofacial pain, TMD, intra-oral conditions including orthodontics and oral surgery. The benefits of this technology assist a wide range of dental procedures.

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    • I think it’s a must… You can really incorporate it into your practice, and I think if you’re a practice that really wants to go that extra mile and really enhance that patient care and really take care of them during their treatments. It really is just a nice integrated approach to have… I couldn’t do without it now.

      Dr Alex Davies
      Admire Dentistry, Arana Hills QLD.

        Reduction in pain – Advantages include less pain from pathology, trauma. It can be used pre surgery and post surgery.
        Reduce oedema – Technology reduces swelling associated with disease or injury or potentially post-treatment. The dentist can use laser treatment for preventing or reducing pain and inflammation.
        Heal Faster – improved healing of soft and hard tissue damage caused at cellular level by pathology or iatrogenic.
        Speed Recovery Time – Therapeutic effects from procedures using high power MLS laser technology include biostimulation which means that the laser stimulates anti-inflammatory properties in the area by preventing the release of histamines and prostaglandins. This result promotes wound healing even in gum tissue through deep tissue penetration.

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        MLS is an acronym for Multiwave locked system

        The MLS® laser achieves its results through the synchronised use of a superpulsed 905nm wavelength laser with the continuous wave of a 808nm laser. This delivers synergistic treatment of pain, inflammation and oedema in a single treatment session.

        The synchronised dual-wavelength beam provides unique results for the dentist so that pain reduction is greater than with the equivalent single wavelength beam. While the 905 superpulsed laser is treating pain and promoting healing, the continuous beam 808nm wavelength simultaneously reduces inflammation and oedema.

        The 905 laser is a true superpulsed laser system in contrast to many pulsed lasers that are merely chopped (turned on and off). The pulse rate of the MLS® laser is so rapid that the treatment area cannot heat up no matter how long the treatment lasts. It makes the MLS® laser perfectly safe for the surrounding tissues and the dentist.

    • Clinical Applications

    • Periodontal therapy

      • Reduce swelling associated with gingivitis and periodontal disease
      • Laser Therapy promotes benefits in periodontal sockets
      • Laser treatments reduce root sensitivity after being treated
      • Faster recovery than traditional drills alone
      • Recovery to healthy tissue/gum tissue/soft tissue
    • Orhtodontics/Implant Dentistry

      • Patients experience less pain associated with tooth movement
      • The speed that teeth move is increased 
      • Enhanced bone formation around newly placed implants
      • Reduce pain and swelling after implant insertion