Dr Wally Hassoun

    • Dr Wally Hassoun describes why the MLS® Laser is the backbone of the TMJ practice

    • Well, the MLS® laser is really the backbone of my TMJ practice. I can’t do any therapy without it. We used to have to give a lot of injections and a lot of hand manipulation, or palpation rather, to get minor results. Now, with the MLS® laser, I’m just getting amazing results in a fraction of the time, that are holding much longer, too.

      Basically, it’s very simple. You just turn the machine on, press a button, and then shine it on the area and just move it around for whatever time it’s set to. So it’s very simple.

      We use it from an anti-inflammatory point of view, so you’re reducing inflammation. Inflammation is associated with pain, so therefore, if you’re reducing inflammation, you’re also reducing pain. You’re getting better blood flow in the area, so it’s part of the healing process.

      Predominantly, having a TMJ or TMD practice, it’s predominantly TMJ-related. So, we’re treating areas of the jaw joint itself, the muscles around the jaw, the muscles that affect and hold the jaw in the position it is. So they’re predominantly the areas we’re treating. Sometimes, if we think there’s a neck relationship, we’ll treat the muscles that relate directly to the TMJ. So predominantly, most of my work would relate to the TMJ and the muscles are directly, orofacial pain in other words.

      We make appliances, we make orthotics, but those things alone will make the healing very, very slow. So we need something to get things moving quickly, and that’s where the MLS® laser comes in.

      The typical patient that comes in with those symptoms is usually very tense, uptight, or whatever you want to call it. So one of the ways of relaxing them is to use the laser, and within three to five minutes, they’re ready to go to sleep. So, it’s amazing, you just see, it’s almost like a weight has been lifted off their bodies. For some people, constipated, it means a quick trip to the bathroom as well, which to me says it’s calming the nervous system right down.

      When I say to them, “We’re going to be using a laser”, at first, their eyes light up, because they imagine that you’re going to be shining this light that’s going to be cutting through their skin. But I tell them, “It’s just like shining a torch light on you. You won’t feel a single thing.”
      And we have patients who actually come in asking to have the laser therapy. So, again, it’s just very simple, just say, “It’s like shining a torch on your body.”

      If you’re serious about practising orofacial pain or treating orofacial pain, it’s a must. You’ve got to have an MLS® laser. I can’t imagine practising without it. I’ve had other lasers, and this one by far and away is the best laser on the market.

      It’s the one that’s given me the best results. How simple is that? I haven’t seen anything else that can do what it does.
      It has a lot of research. It’s got some of the key players, key talkers on the international touring circuit who are recommending you use it, so it’s got a fair bit of weight behind it.

      Absolutely, well, I think I was the first one in Australia to get one, and there’s many, many who’ve have had it since, and I haven’t seen anyone return it yet, so it’s a good sign.