• Faster treatment and recovery times

    • Patented dual wavelength design

    • Intuitive touch screen interface

    • Transportable therapeutic dental laser by ASAlaser Italy delivers MLS® Therapy via ergonomic handpiece and a multidiode head.

    • The Mphi D5 model includes all features of Mphi D unit with the addition of a multi-diode laser attached to a custom trolley by an articulated pantographic arm. The unit is AC or battery powered and is easy to transport, ergonomic and easy to use. It is completely independent thanks to a lithium battery, with moderate dimensions and weight and can easily be lifted off the supplied trolley.

      The unit is equipped with an innovative backlit graphic touch-screen display that interacts with the operator in an intuitive manner. The ergonomic handpiece uses a high-efficiency optical group to produce a focused 2 cm diameter target beam. This can be swapped for a tapered ergonomic light guide for focused intra-oral treatment.

      • The Mphi D5 handpiece uses two synchronised lasers, with peak power 25w from the superpulsed laser for faster treatment times. The multi-diode head delivers a 5 cm diameter focused target beam via three laser sources that produce 3 x 25w peak power. This provides reduced treatment times as larger areas can be irradiated.

        For maximum efficiency, the handpiece and multidiode head can be operated simultaneously by the control software with independent operational parameters for each channel. The pantographic arm is designed to easily reach treatment areas hands-free with an optimised irradiation zone for the best therapeutic result. It treats homogenously large muscle strips and whole joints yet is easily mobile.

        There are four broad treatment groupings each with pre-programmed settings or parameters. These are TMD Static Treatment, TMD Dynamic Treatment, Craniofacial Pain and Intraoral Diseases.

    • The MLS® laser is a two-wavelength laser. It helps decrease pain and inflammation on the area that we apply the laser. We use it every day in our treatments. It’s our workhorse. I can’t see patients without it. And the MLS® Laser is a very good practice-builder. We use it for cold sores, orthodontics and pain, especially for jaw joint and neck pain. There’s no other laser treatments that give that kind of result.

      Dr. Louis Chan
      My Dental Care, Meadowbank, NSW
    • Software

      The MLS® laser uses a user-friendly touch screen with animated display.

      • The intuitive software offers specific protocols for a large range of treatments and pathologies that are stored in pre-sets. When selected the recommended parameters for treatment are retrieved and an animated display directs the user in how to apply the laser.

        The parameters, the ideal settings for various treatment regimens, have been determined from clinical research and real-world results. In general terms, all the parameters of the predefined protocols stored in the device come from continuous research activities in vivo, in vitro and from extensive results received from practitioners in the field with over 25,000 devices installed worldwide.

      • The clinician can adjust parameters to suit the patient’s condition and the practitioner’s experience and judgement. This includes frequency, intensity and time. The software displays the therapeutic dose and energy density in Joules per square centimetre automatically calculated based on the chosen settings.
        In addition, the software allows additional treatment regimes to be entered and stored by the user.

        Protocols range from treatment of pain and dysfunctions related to temporomandibular and craniofacial disorders to intraoral diseases. Intraoral settings are optimised for use with the supplied intra-oral light guide.

    • Service and support

      Service, warranty and support are provided locally in Australia by Digital Dental. Users may contact the Digital Dental office or log-in to the membership area of the website and request service or post a query.

    • Training

      Australian-based support and training includes online videos for convenient in-surgery and support staff training, assistance with installation and set-up plus ongoing instruction manuals, guides and updates (including how to use the equipment, read reports and get the most out of the tools).

      Additional training includes access to state-of-the-art webinars and courses with world experts in cranio-facial pain management and dental laser therapy. Training updates can be delivered by online log-in.

    • Membership

      Exclusive access to ongoing support, training, updated treatment protocols, latest research in laser therapy from ASAlaser Research Centre and international journals.

    • We use our laser as part of an overall process of treating the condition. We have tremendous success in reducing headache pain, getting better sleep and a better feeling of well-being. Using the laser means you can improve people’s outcomes and you can do it more effectively, so it seems a really important tool to use in a dental practice.

      Dr. Paul Dixon
      Dixon Dental Gympie, Qld.
    • Specifications

    • Technical characteristics

      • Multidiode applicator with optical group composed of 3 MLS® sources with power up to 3.3 W – Peak Power 3 x 25 W Ø 5 cm Target Area highlighted by high-efficiency red light LEDs
      • Handpiece with optical group composed of MLS® source power up to 1.1 W – Peak Power 25 W ø 2 cm Target Area highlighted by high-efficiency red lights LEDs
      • Colour touch screen display with anatomical images
      • Simultaneous management of two independent channels
      • 4 treatment modalities: A) Temporomandibular Disorders Static Treatment B) Temporomandibular Disorders Dynamic Treatment C) Craniofacial Pain D) Intraoral Diseases
      • Possible to customise every treatment parameter
      • MLS® modulation in CPW or FPW mode (Synchronised emission of Continuous Pulsed Waves or Frequenced Pulsed Waves)
      • Modulation frequency from 1 to 2000 Hz with 1 Hz steps
      • Power level 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%
      • Fixed duty cycle at 50% or variable
      • Treatment duration from 1” to 99’59” with 1” steps
      • Automatic calculation of the emitted energy according to the settled parameters
    • Alarms and safety features

      • Laser emission warning light
      • Interlock
      • Acoustic signal selectable by operator
      • Date and time
      • Password to operate the device
      • Language option
      • Ready to be connected to the remote Laser emission signalling device

      Included Accessories

      • 2 curved light guides for intraoral disease
      • 3 Laser Safety Goggles
      • Table handpiece holder
      • Unit carrying case
      • Shoulder strap for portable use

      Size and Weight

      • 63 x 54 x 85 cm; 25 Kg

      Power Supply

      • External power supply 18Vdc 50VA