TMD & Sleep Mini Residency July-Aug 2022

    • Melbourne July and August 2022

    • Residency 1: July 22-24 2022
      Residency 2: August 12-14 2022

      Have you always wanted to learn about TMD and OSA, but never knew where to start?

      Did you also know that 43% of TMD sufferers also have an underlying sleep disorder such as OSA?

      EARLY BIRD Before 1 May 2022.

      The Victoria Hotel Melbourne
      215 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000


      Digital Dental is a proud sponsor of this event.



    • This 6 day mini residency provides a comprehensive approach to patient care that includes a detailed diagnosis, the latest treatment technologies and training for all levels of dental practitioners.

      You will learn all the skills needed to incorporate TMD & OSA management into your practice, including history taking, diagnosis, examination, record taking, splints/appliances, hands-on exercises, treatment planning and referral.

      Learn from Dr Damian Teo and a multidisciplinary team of experts:

      • Dr Derek Mahony (orthodontist)
      • Mr Roland Barrowman (MxFx surgeon)
      • Dr Donny Mandrawa (myofunctional therapy dentist)
      • Dr Louis Chan (TMD dentist)
      • Dr Jacob Smith (TMD dentist)
      • Mr Nathan Hayward (ENT)
      • Dr Nick Cristellis (Medical chronic pain specialist)
      • Prof Steven Bender (orofacial pain specialist, presenting webinar via Zoom).
      • Dr Christina Fraval (osteopath)
      • Dr Steve Shashyan (chiropractor)
      • Darron Goralsky (TMJ Physio)