Laser Safety Course Oct 2019

    • When

      Thursday 31 October 2019
      8.30 am to 1 pm

    • Where

      St Andrew’s War Memorial Hosp,
      457 Wickham Tce, Brisbane

    • The course is appropriate for staff directly involved with the use of Lasers in Medicine and includes medical and nursing staff. In particular the nature of laser hazards is outlined, how protection might best be afforded when working with lasers, appropriate working techniques to minimise the risk from laser radiation and administrative arrangements and legal obligations.

      The course has been approved by the Radiological Council in Western Australia and the Radiation Health Unit in Queensland and fulfils the necessary laser safety training requirements for medical practitioners, dentists and other personnel before a licence to use a Class 3B or Class 4 laser will be granted, under the Radiation Safety Act WA 1975, Queensland Radiation Safety Act 1999.

      The course is to the point – it covers the necessary detail for medical laser users in an interesting and entertaining way.


      Jonathon Thwaites
      0419 924 355