Laser in Oral Medicine

    • MLS laser treats the following
      • Oral Mucosal Disease
      • Altered Oral Sensations
      • Salivary gland disease
      • Orofacial pain
      MLS Laser Therapy Advantages
      1. Provide a further treatment option for patients that you do not currently have available.
        • Offer treatments beyond medication and injections.
        • An adjunct to splint therapy and self-management.
        • Pain-free and non-invasive.
      2. Conceivably you could use the laser on every single patient you see. Potentially every single patient will benefit from laser treatment. Oral Medicine specialists can treat:
        • Mucositis, xerostomia, trigeminal neuralgia and TMD.
        • Recurrent HSV and herpes labialis, aphthae, salivary hypofunction, and oral lichen planus.
      3. MLS Laser Therapy option generally requires between 5 and 10 billed appointments.
        • You can set your price. For example, you can charge a conservative fee between $50-$100 per treatment.
        • Typical treatments are up to 6 appointments for acute conditions and up to 10 or more for chronic. You can offer these in packages to your patients.
        • You do not personally have to administer the treatment. You can set up a special laser room and have a hygienist do the treatment. You of course must make the diagnosis and the “prescription” but you can be assisted by a nurse or other suitable qualified health professional.
      4. The treatment is extremely satisfying for your patients. Patient satisfaction will increase hugely. It is comfortable for the patient, non-invasive, not painful. Many patients reports that it is very enjoyable experience and your patients will love you for it. Having a way to solve some of these difficult and miserable conditions for patients will be extremely satisfying for you and for them.
      5. You can gain a reputation for using Laser Therapy and increase referrals.
        • Referrals form satisfied patients
        • Referrals from other Clinicians who do not know how to treat these conditions.