MLS Laser: an integral part of my practice

      • Dr Steve Olmos

        Practice focus

        My practice is limited to treating craniofacial pain and sleep breathing disorders. We created the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre network, which now has 52 centres throughout the world in 7 countries.

        My practice, because it’s limited to pain, is focused on trying to heal nerves and pretty much every injury or muscular problem has a nerve component to it.
        Traditionally there have been limitations using different types of therapies that never really gave us that ability to address nerve injuries. The laser was the first to do so. I’ve written several papers on that subject.

        Laser is an integral part of my practice. I own two lasers here in my San Diego office, and I have a third in my Dubai office. We are dependent on these delivery systems, and they’ve replaced numerous other techniques and injections of many different kinds: trigger point, prolotherapy and phonophoresis.

    • MLS Laser delivery system

      MLS is not a single laser system, it is actually two different wavelengths that are delivered in two different methods. You have the 808 which is a continuous, and 905 which is pulsed. And what makes these things interesting is that a continuous would heat things up, but it is interrupted. While it is interrupted, the 905 is being pulsed up to maximum. The tissue is being bombarded with two different wavelengths, with two different delivery systems, that are synchronized. That’s what makes the system completely unique. It’s invaluable.

      Outcomes and results

      We get a 50% reduction of pain in 90 seconds. There’s nothing invasive, it’s very safe. And efficacy is amazing because it accelerates healing. Not only is it therapeutic and gives people relief, but the accelerated healing and repair of nerve tissue is unique. We really don’t have anything else that can compare.

      All aspects of dentistry

      Every aspect of dentistry produces either a hard or soft tissue inflammatory result. That’s why people have discomfort going to the dentist. I can’t imagine a dental procedure of any kind that wouldn’t benefit from laser because of the pain reduction and accelerated healing.

      Also, orthodontic tooth movement is accelerated anywhere from 33% to 50% based on the literature, so that’s a dramatic acceleration of movement without any detrimental component.

      Scope and scanning area

      Another thing that’s unique about this laser is its ability to scan the surface area. Previously in other lasers you had to just hold it against the area that is to be treated. But in this case, because you can move it, you can do a greater surface area.

      Really, the nice thing about these lasers is that we get two lasers in one. Each unit has two laser delivery systems. There is the Charlie head as well as a wand.

      Both systems can be used simultaneously. And that’s unique and beneficial because the wand (which is a single diode) can be used to cover one area and the Charlie head can be used on a totally difference area.

      The Charlie head has three different lasers that converge, so you can cover a treatment area that’s 5cm, which is especially beneficial when you’re doing cervical problems.

      In our technique that we publish, you can do the jaw, the posterior joint space, lateral joint space, both sides of the neck, and trapezius in the shoulders, all in five minutes, utilizing the Charlie head, which has a much bigger surface area, and these wands.

      There is no problem of the neck that would not be manifested in the face and vice versa, so necks and jaws go hand in hand. And as I say, I can’t imagine a scenario that wouldn’t benefit from using this technique.

      Patients love the laser

      Patients love the laser because it’s non-scary. There are no needles, there are no medication, and there are no patches. There are no things to put on patients, simply light, and the fact that they can get relief so easily is overwhelming.

      I couldn’t imagine a scenario where this wouldn’t be beneficial, if only for practice management, send all your patients out with a smile on their face. I think that’s invaluable.