How does low level laser therapy really help dentists?

    • The MLS® Therapeutic Dental laser is not a cutting laser, it is a healing laser.

      It treats pain, inflammation and oedema. It treats them simultaneously through the synchronised Multi Wave technology and because it is a powerful Class 4 laser, it treats them fast.

      Instead of applying laser therapy for half an hour or longer, MLS® laser works in minutes. This saves time in a busy dental practice. Saving time saves the practice money. And it gets great results.  Patients leave feeling better, out of pain and telling their friends about the great experience they have had at your advanced, state of the art practice.

      MLS® Therapeutic Dental laser is the fast, effective way to treat patient’s pain. Without drugs or needles. With no side effects and completely safe.

      The MLS® laser is the only therapeutic laser with dental protocols pre-set into the machine. You do not have to calculate the laser dosage. The work is done for you. Based on scientific evidence and research the protocols precisely match the pathology.

      Substantial research can be found in the following areas of dentistry: general dentistry and restorative, third-molar surgery, general surgery, TMD, orofacial pain, implants, orthodontics, inferior alveolar nerve damage, mucosal, osteonecrosis, osteitis, periodontal and neck pain.

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