Dr. Ed Lipskis and Dr. Lynn Lipskis Use the MLS Laser on All of Their Patients

    • The One Tool These Orthodontists Can’t Live Without

      Dr. Lynn Lipskis and her husband Dr. Ed Lipskis practice together at the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre of Chicago and Centre for Integrative Orthodontics. They co-found both organizations to treat patients with TMD or sleep breathing issues. Their goal is to get people breathing correctly and living the best quality of life.

      They have established a network of professionals (chiropractors, pain specialists, etc) with whom they are able to provide comprehensive therapies to their patients. They believe that everything is connected, and the treatment of chronic pain must be a team approach.

      One of the tools they rely on the most within their practices is the MLS Laser. Dr. Lynn Lipskis described it as a “miracle child for them” because the laser helps with diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain. They use the laser on every single patient.

      “When it comes to reducing inflammation, there is nothing better. Inflammation is our enemy. The MLS Laser is great for reducing inflammation and helping people heal.”

      When asked, both orthodontists recommend the MLS Laser over any other piece of equipment because:

      1. It makes the biggest difference therapeutically.
      2. It makes treatments go better and faster.
      3. It allows them to treat the patients more effectively and makes the patients feel better.
      4. It is very easy to use.
      5. It is relatively inexpensive for what you get.
      6. Everything else is a nice adjunct.

      Applications of the MLS Laser

      Dr. Lipskis uses the MLS Laser in many different facets of the practice including orthodontics, pain management, and in the general practice. It helps after post-extraction, post-endo, and any procedure that requires reduction of inflammation and sensitivity. The laser accelerates teeth movement which makes orthodontic treatments go much quicker.

      Patients in every aspect of the practice love the laser because it reduces their pain. Even the most cynical are turned around once their chief complaint of pain goes away – that’s convincing enough for everyone.

      Success Story

      A young man was hit in the face with a baseball and he came straight from the ER to Dr. Lynn Lipskis with his dental issues. He came in for 3 sessions over a course of a week and then returned to his plastic surgeon who had done the suturing in the emergency room. The plastic surgeon was flabbergasted because of the extent of healing. The patient had gone from a bloody mess to nice, pink healthy tissue in a week’s time. Very impressive!


      The MLS Laser is a great tool if you care about getting your patients better quicker and healthier. It reduces inflammation which makes patients’ pain go away.