A new type of therapeutic laser

    • The Mphi D is a new type of therapeutic laser from ASA Italy designed specifically for dentistry. 

      • For treatment and relief of craniofacial disorders, orofacial pain, oral pathologies and TMD.
      • Revolutionary patented new technology never available in dentistry before.
      • MLS® (Multiwave Locked System) = Combination of wavelengths, pulsed emission and continuous emissions with the laser wavelengths phase locked.
      • Efficacy of low level laser therapy shown over many years.
      • MLS® scientifically proven to give faster and more effective outcomes than any previous single wavelength system. Evidence from peer-reviewed University-based clinical trials.
      • Continuous emissions act to reduce swelling and inflammation, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation and inducing re-absorption of fluid build-ups.
      • Pulsed laser emissions have a practically immediate effect on pain, by inducing analgesia
      • TGA approved.